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I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you to practice safe sex.

Those experiences can leave emotional scars that make it difficult to form new intimate relationships.

That's especially true for those who have been in physically, emotionally, or verbally abusive relationships.

Many people in midlife have family obligations that limit the time they can devote to dating.

They may spend their days rushing from work to afterschool activities and then home to help with homework.

But dating in middle-age can actually present some pretty great benefits towards building a successful and fulfilling long-term relationship.

Women today are more educated than previous generations of women at midlife and have the resources to provide for themselves.The difficulties multiply if they have children with special needs, such as developmental disabilities or chronic illnesses.Many middle-aged people are responsible for the care of their aging parents.Treva Scharf said she knew her husband “…was the one because he drove the relationship without his foot on the brakes. He knew what he wanted, and he proceeded with confidence…” (Emling, 2017, para. His candor helped both he and Treva know where they stood from the beginning and solidified that the relationship was worth pursuing. If you and your date are feeling it, then go for it.By expressing your feelings and expectations, you may find, as Michael Liberatore did, that the best thing about finding love later in life is “…knowing myself and what I will tolerate… No one at midlife is going to think you are cheap or easy if you have some fun on the first date.For example, an international study by Oxford University in found that 30 percent of those studied had visited an online dating website as of 2009, and those most likely to have done so were middle-aged men and women between the ages of 40 and 69.

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