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Meanwhile, over on the regular Body scale (the cheaper one), we’re just going to swing through this super quick, since it’s basically like three things in the box: Scale, feet, and paper. Thus, gallery time: Well, I also did that because I took these photos in bad light, so they aren’t my favs.

Thus the gallery is the equivalent of a music video montage.

My problems with the Healt App are all over the map.

The information on Withings Health Mate is totally accurate, and updates immediately.

Whitings and Breeze are displaying the same (and correct) step data, given the fact that ALL these data do not come from a device but from the M7 step build into the iphone 5s, it is very hard to understand why the apple health app does not get the step count right. Today's steps are consistent in UP app, however there are soo many data points, I can't even get the Show All Data section to open. Is there a way to wipe all step data points from the Health app?

Only the Whitings app is allowed to write step data to apple health, so unless something in that transfer is wrong, the problem should also not be due to multiple step data from more than one app that would hit the apple health app. My step count while being 11000 for the day, shows somewhere between 30*35 thousands.

So before we get too far along, I should clarify what exactly the differences are between the Withings Body scale and the Withings Body Cardio Scale. Here’s the distilled differences between the two models:– Body Cardio has a feetless design good for both carpet and hardwood (Body has small feet included in box) – Body Cardio has a rechargeable USB design, as opposed to AAA batteries like Body – Body Cardio has significantly more sensors, enabling more advanced metrics – Body Cardio can measure heart rate, Body cannot – Body Cardio can measure Pulse Wave Velocity, Body cannot – Body Cardio is slightly thinner So essentially you’re getting higher end metrics of Heart Rate, Pulse Wave Velocity, a rechargeable battery (instead of AAA batteries), and a feet-less design. You can see below if you look at the two scales that there are differences in the sensor layouts.

On the Body, the sensors used to measure both weight as well as electrical impedance for body fat are in four squares (the outline is seen atop the scale).

Of course, Withings is hardly new to the Wi Fi scale game.

In fact, they were the first to the game 7 years ago in June 2009.

After upgrading to ios 8.1 I am still having a problem getting my Withings Health Mate data to correctly update my Healt Dashboard.

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