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Contestants have performed in various events during this time, although modern athletics typically involves sprint, hurdle, relay and walking races, as well as jumping competitions (high jump, pole vault, triple jump, long jump) throwing contests (discus throw, javelin throw, hammer throw), and decathlons/heptathlons.

These combine a variety of different track and field events.

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Track cycling involves racing bicycles on specially designed tracks – which are usually built on steep, circular banks.

Participants ride bikes, which have been manufactured specifically for use on these types of racetracks, and compete in two main types of races: sprint (which involves reaching the finish line as fast as possible) and endurance (which involves competing at high speeds for long periods of time).

Canoe Sprint races have been involved in the Olympics ever since 1936, and are regularly competed over distances of 200, 5 metres.

BMX (bicycle motorcross) Cycling involves racing bicycles on off-road tracks which often consist of rocky terrain that requires participants to lift their bikes off the ground in a “jumping” motion and tackle tight corners at high speeds.

Below you will find all of the different sports offered at the Summer Olympic Games with some of the more popularly watched games being Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis and Football (Soccer).

Archery involves the use of a bow to fire arrows at a target board from a set distance.

Diving athletes propel themselves from a springboard from height into a pool below, performing acrobatics whilst they are airborne.

Divers are scored based on their ability to execute a particular dive with full control, with each judge marking the dive out of ten.

Canoe Sprints involves a race between competitors who are seated inside canoe boats.

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