Naked pics on wechat

Not only have I made many a friend via the app but it has also opened up new shopping experiences (and discounts), as well as easy access to ordering food, services, and almost anything else directly to my home.

Below I share some of the best accounts that I have come across so far (watch out for parts 2, 3, 4 ...).

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In order to solve that unending conundrum, I order a nail service from my favorite couple, who come to your house and tag team for an amazing manicure-pedicure combo.

Nails that are salon-worthy, English speaking, clean, honest, and their prices are fair – what more could you ask for?

Unlike the negative reaction towards shutting down We Chat accounts, the news of suspending drift bottle revealed that for many, losing the feature was well overdue -- despite its popularity.

Some said goodbye to drift bottle by posting their own awkward encounters with people soliciting nudes...

We Chat users in China will have to keep stories of one-night stands to themselves.

That's because China's Internet regulator, Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has posted new guidelines that prohibit sexual and otherwise vulgar content the popular messaging application owned by Tencent Holdings.

Add him on We Chat: viking-salmon Life Coaching and Mindfulness These two ladies are my tickets to sanity in Beijing.

They do personal life coaching and mindfulness sessions. For life coaching add Carnissa, We Chat: Berry Thoughtful Life, and for Mindfulness add Nathalie, We Chat: nathaliedorbes Nails I adore going to get my nails done at the salon but I find that I rarely have the time.

I heard about We Chat three hours after arriving in Beijing.

My first response was, "This is an unnecessary app; I have Whatsapp, why would I also need We Chat? The discovery of We Chat has made my life so much easier and I wish the rest of the world would get on board (or at least have access to its myriad of services).

On one particularly polluted day, he even personally delivered a mask to my home. Add him on We Chat: 18515359601 Yoga at Home Get your yoga on in the comfort of your own home. Add this yogi for more information on We Chat: helloleo1234 Balloons Have a party but don’t want to blow up the balloons?

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