Mastubieren chat - Signs you re dating a loser

He’s never late, he makes you cups of tea and he doesn’t mind watching all the soaps... Here are my top ten signs that you are dating a loser...

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Losers tend to have very shallow relationships, and this can lead to women being impressed by their eagerness to tell you they love you, commit and get married.

He moves fast, meeting your friends, moving in, proposing... He keeps you busy so that you don’t have time to realize how strange this is.

A loser thinks relationship is meant for ladies, so you’re privileged to have him.

This is why he’ll leave you to see to the running of the relationship. Because he thinks it’s you who needs a relationship or marriage, he’ll keep promising you marriage so that he can keep benefiting from you.

He’s always alive to fun activities but never will he take his life that seriously.

A loser may have bad habits such as substance abuse. If you can relate to these signs, then you should know what to do because only you know what you want. The Loser will quickly explain why he is so angry, and assure you that it’s not aimed at you, but with a temper like that, you are certainly at risk. The Loser will aim to cut all contact with your support network, and have you all to himself.The Loser hopes that if you see his capabilities, you won’t confront or challenge him later. He might tell you that they take advantage, or that they don’t understand your love.A loser might be a typical fine guy whose only treasure is his looks, so he doesn’t joke with his physical appearance. He cares so much about how he looks and what he wears more than necessary because that’s the bait he uses to catch unsuspecting ladies.A loser wouldn’t want to meet with your friends and family because he has nothing to boast of.You might have considered this when you thought about his temper, but how long is his fuse?

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