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Yes, but that’s sometimes what happens with texts: it doesn’t progress but it does not necessarily mean there’s no interest from her side.

And that’s when a Text Medium Switch gives you the biggest bang for the buck. Ideally, in the romantic realm, you won’t provide anything more than being a hot, sexy and charming man.

And scarcity and the human tendency of valuing what we can’t have also come to your rescue (check Influence by Cialdini).

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I’ve had women propose themselves we should meet after a good phone call, and the unanswered texts become a thing of the past.

Just to be sure though avoid writing her again on the “burned” medium after the call.

The best one if going from texts to Whatsapp (or Line or Kakao or whatever is popular).

Since she won’t notice the old unanswered texts: In this example below, she didn’t reply to my last text.

Providing something of value breaks that dynamic and completely flips the scripts. The girl from the below text message played and studied a musical instrument. Some (further) connection in the composing and music industry is a safe bet.

Now we can’t AB test that, but I’m pretty sure that after an unanswered Whats App, an unanswered call and an unanswered text this was a dead one.

When you call these women they will finally see you as “man enough” to pick up the phone.

When she picks up it’s a bit like starting from a clean slate.

But worry not, there are many texts you can send to make her text back. To begin with, though, I want to tell you this: don’t take a few unanswered texts as a personal rejection.

The phone call, with your voice and a conversation, is exactly what can bring back those good feelings in full force.

For example when I’ll text twice, call and still no answer, then I’ll send this one via another messaging app.

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