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Before Tinder, dating someone you’ve met online seemed weird and crazy. adults use mobile dating apps at least once a month.These days, looking for your one true love with a dating application is completely socially acceptable. That is more than twice as much as the amount of U. adults that use online dating on their PCs at the same frequency.Bear in mind that younger target groups are more demanding in terms of user experience, user interface and features. According to e Harmony, the user’s city of residence can significantly influence their experience on the application.

The basic questions in your questionnaire should include, but are not limited to: How are you going to match your users? Even Ok Cupid acknowledged that it doesn’t know what it’s doing – there is no science behind their matchmaking algorithm. According to e Harmony data, common interests and looks are the most important factors for users when they are looking for a match.

64% of online dating service users stated that they are looking for a person that they have something in common with.

Determining the target group(s) of your potential users is, probably, the most important decision that you will make during the whole software development process.

Bear in mind that focusing on one or several target groups doesn’t mean excluding anyone who doesn’t fit the criteria.

This is about certain traits of the typical future users of your application.

You need to create a detailed portrait of those people.

As the demand for dating apps grows, the market seems to be flooded with enough dating apps of all types, yet, most of them are nothing more than Tinder clones, lacking any unique selling points and innovative features. In addition, the number of single adults in the USA continues to rise (from 31.4 million people in 2010 to 35.39 million in 2016).

We have designed six guidelines to help you make sure your dating app won’t sink into oblivion. The takeaway: there is enough demand in the market for your supply (i.e. All you need is a specific target group and a good strategy. 84% of dating app users are searching for a stable romantic relationship.

In contrast, there are fewer users in Idaho, where 60% of the population is married.

The takeaway: if your app for dating is to be launched locally, conduct thorough research on local marriage statistics.

This is what makes the app’s user experience pleasant and addictive.

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