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This is the United Kingdom's first free online dating site.

If you see or read anything offensive on the site you can block further contact from the author and let the company know.

This website occasionally offers messages from advice columnists who answer relationship questions for entertainment purposes only..

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Nine months later they have been charing me every month without my knowledge, complete scheisters!!!

Review 2 - Posted Dec 2006: I tried loopylove and it is not free as it says.

Here are a few Random Reviews on Loopy Love.com: Review 1 - Posted Oct 2004: I signed up with uk, and I only wanted one months membership to try it out.

From what was understood when I signed up, it was a one off payment for one month. another site of theirs and alot more expensive not the same prices there. Maybe there will be another one coming out which may be much better. I paid for a three day trial and met a gorgeous guy in two days. You can view all Loopy Reviews and add your own Review here The review box will allow you to enter a maximum of 500 characters to allow all reviews to be seen as equal.I know that they need the subscription costs for further advertising to get more members but the costs are rediculous. Please don't submit questions or account information along with your reviews as they will simply be deleted.Remember to find that someone special will take time.While it is true that the free online dating sites there are dozens of available singles profiles, you'll need a little time to respond to a person of the same sensitivity.The reviews are freely given, we do not pay or "reward" users for placing a review.

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