Advabtages of dating older women

Older women are realistic: Usually, older women already know how relationships work and they are more experienced when it comes to matters of love and sex and do not put unrealistic expectations on men.

They can tell whether the relationship is going to last or not.

She is the one who decides and I am absolutely alright with it.

While setting a good example, I believe our relationship has more harmony.

They also tend to have experienced both economic and social problems, which make them more understanding. These women have been through a lot more in their life and they have the ability to control their emotions and behaviour.

Older women also know what to do when and where to do it.

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Cases of young men hooking up with older women have become a common trend in Kenya.

Here at home, we have examples such as that of gospel artist Bahati who is six years younger than his wife Diana Marua.

In Tanzania, Bongo artist Diamond Platinumz was previously in a relationship with Zari Hassan who was 11 years his senior. Dr Karatu Kiemo, a sociology scholar at the University of Nairobi says that relationships are no longer dependent on age but the satisfaction individuals get from the union, adding they are signs that the society is undergoing transformation.

Here’s what he believes, ‘I believe women mature faster than men anyway.

And then being with a woman who’s older to you even by age means that they will mentally be way older than you.

Manish(24) dating a 30-year-old says, ‘She is more like a mentor.

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