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Before I introduce tonight’s lucky bachelor, why don’t we get to know tonight’s three lucky bachelorettes? [ the set slowly swivels around to reveal tonight’s three bachelorettes ] Jim Lange: Bachelorette #1 hails from The Bronx, New York — she collects swizzle sticks and cocktail napkins; a former go-go dancer, she hopes one day to be a go-go dancer again; meet: Iris de Flaminio!

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Development[ edit ] The sketch parodied German stereotypes, especially those pertaining to German seriousness, efficiency, and precision.

They also appear together in the film Trading Places as a pair of drunken baggage handlers.

She’s a real space cadet, and hopes someday to have a personality!

Come on, Don — let’s meet the bachelorettes you didn’t meet. Shonda the Cat Lady: [ stepping down ] If you change your mind, I’ve got some tongue clamps back at my place! And now, let’s meet our lucky winner — your date-to-be: Bachelorette #3! [ she stretches out in her seat and glances around aimlessly ] Cooleen Fernman! [ she steps in the other direction ] Colleen Fernman!

Aside from "The Franken and Davis Show", the two have made several appearances—either separately or as team—in many SNL sketches throughout the years.

On several occasions, the sketch featured a section titled Germany's Most Disturbing Home Videos, which showcased scenes of old men's heads spinning around, dying cats, ants, and other disturbing sights. Or — [ new product slide appears ] How about a complete set of handsome Mexican Tourister Luggage? [ dissolve back to Jim Lange ] Jim Lange: Thank you, Don Pardo! [ product slid appears ] The bar stools you LOVE to sit on! That’s definitely some binge drinking holiday in a nutshell.This episode also provides one of the most bizarre — and surprisingly not revealed to be a psychotic break, sort of — 10-to-1 sketches in a while, with the “Undercover Office Potty” sketch.The writing of this sketch feels stilted, but the awkward b romantic exchanges between old pals Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney make for a fine finish.

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