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It can feel awkward talking about sex with your child but it’s always better to try and overcome your embarrassment and talk to them about staying safe.Have an open and honest conversation about contraception.

Parenting dating teen

Try not to judge them on the little things that you disagree with, instead let them slide.

Focus on the big issues and the important messages.

It’s almost impossible for them to imagine that you were ever a teenager yourself and can understand anything of what they are feeling.

If you can talk to them about how you felt when you had your first kiss, your first date, your first boyfriend and your first broken heart, it can open up a conversation.

It can help you both share your thoughts and feelings about dating.

If you feel a little awkward about initiating chats about relationships, it can help to watch TV shows or films together and use them as a springboard to open up conversations about teen dating.

You want to make sure your child is happy and safe and your child wants more freedom and independence.

Whenever they go out with a boyfriend or girlfriend you are entitled to know the answers to 5 important questions: Set some ground rules with your teen and make sure they know what will happen if they don’t stick to them.

Promise your child that you will not grill their new love interest and that you will do your best not to embarrass them.

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