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However, the squat will be much harder at the bottom due to reduced leverage and much easier at the top of the motion.

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This can include offset cam machines that change resistance through the range of motion.

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Another advantage is that it provides less resistance where the leverage is the worst.

So if a client is rehabbing a muscle, this could be useful.

This is also an advantage, as it has been shown that this is how our muscles evolved to work and is a natural type of stress to the body that helps us develop better stabilization strength, and power as well (Hatfield, p. For general population training this will improve a client’s joint integrity through training the stabilizer muscles and also teach them how to move objects in real life better than machines.

Also for everyday people, this type of resistance training has a disadvantage.But to reemphasize what Clint said, these days are taxing and no one can tell you exactly what percentage you need on the bar unless they're training with you or seeing all of you dynamic work. It should feel like it's accelerating the entire rep. Hi everybody, it has been a long time since I posted and I wanted to put up something fitness related.They also may not have the core or stabilizer strength to do the exercise safely.For sports training the same advantages of these tools apply, athletes will encounter similar resistance to what they will find in real life on the field. A disadvantage is that these exercises may lack sport specificity where other tools may be better for some training techniques.This type of exercise can engage a lot of muscle mass at one time due to stabilizer recruitment and help to elicit a larger hormonal response and therefore muscle growth.

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