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Finally, a failing map will not cause the job to fail before all splits are attempted.

is not specified, all the files in the split, not only those that failed, will be recopied.

Consider a copy from As explained in the Appendix, this option will keep more accurate statistics about the copy than the default case.

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If you provide this change record inline with curly braces, property formulas can reference properties of the record that's being modified.

You can use this behavior to modify records based on a formula.

By default, files already existing at the destination are skipped (i.e. A count of skipped files is reported at the end of each job, but it may be inaccurate if a copier failed for some subset of its files, but succeeded on a later attempt.

It is important that each Task Tracker can reach and communicate with both the source and destination file systems.

The function evaluates the condition for each record and modifies any record for which the result is true.

To specify a modification, use a change record that contains new property values.

Use the Update function to replace an entire record in a data source.

In contrast, the Update If and the Patch functions modify one or more values in a record, leaving the other values alone. Collections allow duplicate records, so multiple records might match.

For HDFS, both the source and destination must be running the same version of the protocol or use a backwards-compatible protocol; see Copying Between Versions.

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