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I had to take so many naps throughout the day just to make up for all of the lost hours of sleep.

The music was cool and I swear, I had the opening theme stuck in my head for days!

It got so bad that I started hearing it in my sleep!

I don’t need to play the other character routes to know that Seven is the best boy!

He just stole the show, every time I saw his name on one of the chats, I just knew I was in for a good time!

So I had to forsake my beloved 707 in favor of Zen…

…and the game dangled Seven in front of me like a prize ham all through my playthrough of Zen’s route.

The Messages were more of an annoyance than anything else and I really could have done without them. I liked that I could call the various characters and actually hear their voices I didn’t see any benefit to to them. I never got any Hearts or Hourglasses, so I didn’t really see an immediate payoff from participating in calls.

Now, if I could actually talk to the characters, by saying pre-determined phrases or something like that, I think I might have liked the feature a bit more.

But, if you don’t want to drop a ton of cash, don’t waste the free ones on Calls…

The game is well designed and everything was clean and easy to use.

From the moment I laid eyes on him I just knew I had to make him mine and nothing was going to stand in my way…

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