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With dating apps of every variety, what was once a constant mental battle of “really should go out and socialize” vs.

“really would rather stay at home and chill,” has now become much less of an issue, as you can browse through potential partners from your sofa.

With technology becoming ever-more pivotal to everyday life, it’s no wonder that the next logical step is to move this dating process which has always been one of the focal points of people’s lives into the online world as well.

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A few days of chatting and the conversation naturally progressed to Whats App.

Martín was very patient; I must admit I can be a little hard to pin down, and after “postponing” twice, he eventually managed to get me to a bar.

More than 91 million people use dating websites all over the world, and with more options to choose from all the time, suddenly the little paddling pool in which we used to fish, seems to be starting to resemble more of a lake.

Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Grindr, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish – I could keep going.

By contrast, I believe that here in Buenos Aires, so far, all of the matches I have made have been more genuine and with people who actually have an interest in meeting you – or at least getting to know you a little. A fairly gorgeous, 25-year-old man, with a relatively well put-together Happn profile, English speaking, and willing to spark up a conversation with a little more than “hi!

” – admittedly it wasn’t ground-breaking but it was enough to motivate a response.

So from the initial pairing online, right up to the end of the first date, I’ve highlighted my five main observations as a result of using dating apps on either side of the Atlantic.

Arriving on the date, after a long day in the office, hoping to have a drinks and some relaxed conversation, I was a little surprised when having barely had the chance to order my beer, Martín’s very first question was; “So what do you think of the culture here in Argentina?

In England, if a boy asked you to meet up with him at 11 PM, you would undoubtedly think booty call.

However, here it seems there is nothing unusual about meeting up with someone after what’s typically considered many people’s bedtimes.

Here in Buenos Aires, the newest fad is the dating app Happn, which takes the online dating world a step further.

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