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Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange I have 2 columns with values, say A and B which values I want to use as X and Y axes values correspondingly.

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In order for me to do it on the 75-100 files I have at any given time, I need to open one, run the macro, close and save, then open the next one. Example User's path: 'C:\Documents and Settings\jfarc\Desktop' Where 'jfarc' is the name of the current User which, will of course change with every different User that runs the Macro.

Is it possible to write a macro that will start with the first file in a folder, open it and update links, run a macro, save and close, and open the next file in the folder until it has open all the files in the folder. Also, is there a way to pull out of Excel what is the current User's 'Options | General | Default File Location' entry? I am familiar with and use the following coding for Opening/Saving files to the current directory of the opened workbook, but it only gives the path of the existing Excel workbook and not the current User's Directory Path: Dim wb This As Workbook Set wb This = This Workbook Ch Dir wb This.

For example: If data contains 06/01/2011 in cell A1, then data needs to be pasted to "Jun" worksheet within the same workbook. I just thought that MAYBE having a big button in their face will remind them.

Secondly as back up I was wondering if you can create a macro to do a refresh of everyones screens automatically - say every 2 or 5 mins??? but a refresh so the screen actually updates in front of you.

When I work on the copied region, I find it a cumbersome task to go through each charts source data and change the cell references to the different region.

Essentially I am doing a trending analysis for each region, with a region having its own sheet with 5 charts per sheet.I realize that after I change cell A1 I could tab to cell B1 and enter Ctrl ; but if I have a hundred new prices to enter I don't want to do that (plus me or the data entry person might forget). I'm using the following code - Sub Print PDF() Filename = "C:\Documents and Settings\samb\My Documents\" & Active Sheet. Value Send Keys Filename & "", False Active Window. Print Out Copies:=1, Active Printer:= _ "Adobe PDF:", Collate:=True End Sub The macro prints to PDF, but then it stops at the Save As stage, where I have to manually enter the name of the file and click Save. A Macro in this file creates a Copy of a specific Sheet within the Active Workbook and I want to Save it to the individual's Desktop.For instance, A B 1 .17 8/17/08 2 .20 9/12/09 If I go in and update cell A1 to .98 today I would like cell B1 to read 2/16/10. Thanks Hello, I have a number of different files that I often need to run a macro on. I want the macro to automatically name the file with the contents of cell Z1. How do I find out what the current User's desktop folder path is each time the Marco is run by a different User?Hi there, I have a PPT deck with roughly 60 slides that needs updating once a month.Each slide has a single enhanced metafile picture copied from an Excel deck, where worksheet 1 is the content for slide 1 of the deck.I can't embed the graphs because the file size is too big.

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