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Dog The Bounty Hunter is not dating the woman he was spotted with on what looked like a romantic date.

In fact, we've learned it was the complete opposite.

Martson had reportedly filed for divorce earlier this year but withdrew the paperwork, before filing for good back in April.

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On April 26, 2019, Martson told Us Weekly, “I’m really happy right now. [I] have found someone.” She said that she met her new man at an event and that, “I’m in a much better place right now and surrounding myself with someone who’s honest and treats me well.”It’s unclear at this time if she is still dating the same mystery man, but she did admit that there was some romance in her life after filing for divorce from Smith, which you can read more about below. According to Us Weekly, the couple met at a club when Martson was in Jamaica for a wedding.

After spending just eight days together, Smith proposed to Martson and she accepted.

During last week’s episode of the show, Martson found out that Smith had sex with a girl in the bathroom at a barbershop, which was her final straw.

In April 2019, Martson again filed for divorce and wrote on Instagram that “It’s all fun [and] games until [your] ass gets deported.

However, this may not mean anything; the reality star might just have stipulations in her contract with TLC that she can’t announce anything officially until after the season of concludes.

Smith does not appear to be dating anybody following the split.In an interview with People, she referred to him as “super fun” and a source of comfort at this time in her life. It’s a new thing for me.” You win some you lose some: -Clear pre✅, blasting through TSA…. I’m just sort of not used to going on a date where you don’t know somebody and they’re saying, ‘What do you do? ’”“I want to just meet you out or your friends of friends. “Billy and I have been friends for a long time,” she revealed. We all did go bowling together, it was a fun night.” With that said, she confirmed that the two are not exclusively dating and are merely close friends.“My life is my life,” Mortimer added. I understand that there are people that don’t always want to be exposed to that and I can’t assume that they would. The show's cast and crew are currently in Los Angeles promoting the show, which is set to air in September.We've learned the dinner was far from a date, as there were eight other members from the reality show there as well.Rose echoed her sentiments, telling Bravo, “For whatever reason, I don’t know.

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