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He is still guarded when it comes to his ph and that worries me at times.

I have made it clear that's its divorce if it even happens again and we even recently nearly came to an end as he wouldn't communicate and answer the questions that I had about that stage of 'us' and the actual things that went on.

At the moment I am single, and that has given me the freedom to interact over social media with whomever I so choose,, and I understand this freedom,, its kinda like an addiction,, cos you may be speaking with someone in "Real Life", yet awaiting a response from "some-one else" who will interact with you over the devices we have now,,, Its all about Stimulation,, it really is,, whether its music, intellectual conversations, theories, issues, plans or pictures,, its all Stimulation.

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Completely irresponsible on the part of the author as a licensed clinician -- in my opinion.

Thank You for breaking some ice, I have a little experience on both sides.

Don't despair, the Devil has opened the lolly shop and damn near everything is for the "taking",, Self Preservation of Your Soul is the Key,, try not to be misled,, but if you are,, see the direction you should be heading in and Make a Start. a blank history on web browser is one of the worst things to see, or 'almost' deleted emails (sitting in the trash, etc) Just sad that there are websites designed to help you cheat on your partner etc...

:( my (now) husband and I set boundaries that it would not be acceptable to speak (type/share pictures) sexually with anyone outside of our relationship (meaning the two of us).

Anyone that has issues with their partners on social media all the time should take a good hard look at themselves first.

Let's face it, social media is just another medium. They actually had to talk, visit, send letters, call on the phone, etc if they wanted to interact.

This is exactly the type of therapist my spouse shopped for in order to support her continued professional victim status.

This kind of thought and opinion only serve to continue to place blame on partner who chooses to defend personal boundaries instead of the person with real issues looking in the mirror.

he was actually found out to be doing this, tried to play it down, but ultimately I know that he would hit the roof if he found out I had been acting in exactly the same way as him.

I now do have trust issues with him and always wonder wtf he is up to on his phone.

In my years as a clinical psychologist and advice columnist, I have seen firsthand that infidelity has many forms, from sex outside of an established relationship to hiding a secret bank account.

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