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But its very tedious, each device has to be clicked (as it is not known if that particular device has an update available) - then the popups have to be clicked - and one has to wait for the online search to finish. (I personally still prefer the script from harrymc, its painless - just start it and done) An alternative to the standard Windows Update What you can do: - Check for updates - Download updates - Installing Updates - Deleting installed updates - Hiding unwanted updates - Get direct links to the */ *. So I hoped there is some Powershell script being able to do this, or maybe a registry entry to have "Windows Update" taking care of that.

updating drivers for devcon-77

In this case it was the Intel(R) HECI driver consisting of 4 files,, HECI.inf, and HECIx64

To update/install this driver I created a module In RES Automation Manager that includes a task that copies the files to eg.

Dev Con enables, disables, installs, configures, and removes devices on the local computer and displays detailed information about devices on local and remote computers.

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