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The costs for transportation I’ve provided in this itinerary are after a 50% discount has been applied with this Swiss Half Fare Card.

I tend to shy away from purchasing passes during my travels because they usually don’t cover the things I want them to (which is why I won’t recommend the JR Pass when visiting Japan).

From feats of architectural genius to medieval battles and secret relics, this is a must-visit.

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Location: 2.5 miles from Washingborough Hall, 5 minutes by car Want to know more? From antique fairs to concerts, rallies to food festivals, and everything in-between, Lincolnshire Showground hosts a diverse programme of events all year round.

Location: 7.5 miles, 20 minutes by car For more places to visit in Lincoln and Lincoln sights, try

Staying in two hotels over the trip instead of six is the most time and cost efficient way to see the Swiss cities in this itinerary.

However, if you prefer to spend the night in a particular city I’ve provided more information on where you can find alternate accommodation under each corresponding city below.

With a history spanning millennia and more local heritage sites than you can shake a medieval sword at, Lincolnshire is truly blessed.

These are just some of our favourite places to visit…

Home to one of only four copies of the 1215 Magna Carta, the Castle also offers an epic view of the city.

The Castle has just reopened after the long-awaited ‘Lincoln Castle Revealed’ project.

If only they could have predicted the collisions between their carefully crafted life plans and the realities they discover beyond campus…

Madeleine harbors dreams of becoming a concert pianist while Dr.

Iconic and full of fascination, Lincoln Cathedral dominates the skyline.

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