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She makes me sick and the world should know what kind of person she is. I had warned her to never come back, and here she is.

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I also think she has some sick fetish with watching her son.

She was all the time walking in on him in the shower or when he’s in his room changing. 🤮 This infected low life will sink her fake claws into any man she can, even if he’s married. She stooped so low that she went after a friends husband. (Loser, Jamie Power in picture.) She must like little d1ck. She became friends with my ex husband and I knew there was more to it so I contacted her and told her that if we ended up divorced she was more than welcome to have them but until then to stay away from my family.

She a worthless theiving slore Left his wife and family for his Co-worker.

She’s a worthless cheater and self-centered loser just like he is. He would lie about his girlfriend and treat her horrible just to make himself look perfect when she found out he was cheating.

Live and learn little girl Jessica Johnston Rodriguez is a DRD carrying lying stealing slore. She got drds, she’s a cheating wife that doesn’t know how to be faithful.

She’s clings to men like duct tape when she’s done with them she moves on .

She is very proud of what she’s done to her victims and because of her “pretty face” she gets away with it, crying and claiming to police (if they are even called) that nothing happens or that she’s the actual victim when no one laid a finger on her.

She will rape her female partners if they do not give the type of sex she desires.

Yet I have screen shots and multiple apologies from her.

She wants to blow up my husbands phone, I want to blow up her social media. She went after my boyfriend when we were going through a tough time.

Oh shes also ranted to me how she was trying to get a guy at work to go out with her, while he was in a relationship and she was in a 6 yr relationship. She got ahold of his snapchat and repeatedly asked him to go to lunch with her until he did. They are broke up now because shes having an affair with a married man in MN where she lives now.

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