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Three years ago your videos were averaging 700K views and videos with a few million views was common. And your last video to hit over a million was 17 months ago. Previously that would have = around an 800k There is also this article on NMR that goes into more detail that is pretty interesting: Haha! I actually had to make those videos private because I was getting death threats, which I after watching that disgrace..

Why do you think your viewership has decline so severely since then? I deserved it : PThat was my first LP when I started my gaming channel.

People suggested I play it, so I did and sadly recording myself learning to play a game that I had no concept of = internet gold lol.

With that being said, I'm going to go cry in a corner with a portal gun to my face.

I was just playing for fun and had no concept of the game (oops).

I've only really play FPS so I thought I'd give this no killing people game a shot.

This has rubbed off on Jenna Ezarik and also made her famous, but what then did she get famous for?

Before we delve into that, take this as a tip of the iceberg about who she is.Update: Ezarik denies that she and Fishner-Wolfson are an item — and claims to be 5'3". He's planning an American Idol-type contest to find out.(In heels, perhaps.) A tipster tells us we're off in picking i Justine as the new host for Jason Calacanis's little-watched Mahalo Daily videoblog, previously known solely for featuring former CNET personality Veronica Belmont. Rumors peg Pittsburgh-native Justine Ezarik, better known as i Justine, as an early favorite. In it, i Justine interviews SXSW music attendees to the shortly after SXSW interactive geeks left Austin. John French forwarded us a poorly punctuated invite.Not the unprepossessing and socially inept Justin Kan of, with whom she's often jokingly linked, but Justin Fishner-Wolfson, a venture-capital associate at Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.The two make an adorable couple, our tipster says, especially because they see eye to eye. • I make You Tube videos• I once live streamed my life for 6 months wearing a camera on my head• I love my i Phone, technology, candy, Call of Duty, the internet and YOU! Also what You Tube counts as a view is completely different than what it used to be.

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