The importance of updating group rosters

: Assists instructors to keep the curriculum moving forward.

The facilitator has default privileges related to course materials, gradebook, calendar, announcements, discussions, and groups to assist instructors in the progress of a course.

An exception includes additional attempts or extended access, even if the assessment is hidden from other students.

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People you deny access to appear with a gray profile picture with a diagonal line. Email copies are only delivered if recipients have valid email addresses in their Blackboard Learn profiles.

When you select this option, all recipients of the message receive an email copy.

The profile cards display usernames if allowed by your institution.

icon to access the menu and change user roles, deny access, add accommodations, or remove a person from your course. Students might see, read, and act on important announcements and course messages when they receive a copy in their inboxes.

Use accommodations to help students progress in the course even though they may have difficulty with some requirements.

You can also give an individual student an exception on a test or assignment.

Students with accommodations appear with an icon next to their names. Students don't see the accommodations you've added.

When you choose to grade with student names hidden, no indication of students with accommodations is shown.

The icon also appears next to names in discussions.

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