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He suggested Pay Pal but claimed that his credit card wasn’t linked and that he had to send the tributes as an e-check.Since he tributed me so much on Flirt4Free, I had no reason to doubt his claims and I agreed to this arrangement.Since I have so many sneakers, I didn’t get to show him all of my sneakers in the allotted time, but he appeared satisfied with the vast amount of shoes, underwear, workout clothes, and various cam angles which he got to see.

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He told me he works at Saks Fifth Avenue and his uncle was a multi-millionaire and used to fly planes.

Unfortunately, his uncle crashed his plane with some family members and died.

He started off by engaging me in conversation in free chat mode by asking me about all of my sneakers and then took me into a private chat.

While in private chat, I knew this cash slave maintained the ability to tribute a ton of money because the timer on how much time remained was over 600 minutes.

He begged to see me try on all of my sneakers and verbally humiliate him while wearing a jockstrap and sneakers.

Like any wise cash master, I inquired as to how he planned to pay for all of this with me.

Hello lets get off to each other on Skype...touch you and you touch me.

After so many slaves asked me to update my blog, I originally planned to do a blog post about the intricate details and logic behind blackmail slaves.

Not even 24 hours later, this fag slave returned begging again.

He wanted to tribute me another 0 for a short cam show to see the other sneakers.

I obliged and let the cash slave worship my alpha male feet and legs on webcam.

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