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Another image (this time from a Mac client), N4E5If I had to guess, the same passed buffer is being reused to format the string, but space runs out which results in the panic.It allows you to view and sort all of your demo files without having to faff about in the CS: GO directory or ingame console.I was able to load both those custom maps in the locations you listed in your pngs.

Yeah, Na`Vi struggled 2 games in Techlabs, but it's nothing.

You really think players who got salary from playing cs:go will not be improved in these days?

Comp Specs: Intel i7 2600K Processor Intel DP67BG Motherboard 16GB Hyper X DDR3 1600 (2X) Sapphire HD6870 1GB [Catalyst 13.1] 120GB Hyper X SSD 500GB Western Digital HD Acer GD235HZbid Monitor Edit: As another user has pointed out, watching replays is 100% fine.

I experience no FPS drops even when watching replays of matches where I experienced 30-40 fps in the game.

t=72789 , and I just found that replays worked just fine for me, and that the framerate issue I was experiencing was limited to watching/playing live games.

on Windows and Mac platforms are unable to load custom maps.

I wasn't sure if perhaps my graphics drivers were causing the issue, so I updated and still the issue persists.

I've tried forcing refresh rates to see if it would change and that did nothing, and I also tried tampering with in-game Advanced Video settings, but nothing changed the performance notably.

Im not sure if its from them placing content on their own or not, but I've had at least 6 people report the problem.

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