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I love using Gift Hulk for their games and TV as well.They offer many secret codes to redeem via email as well.You can cash our for Pay Pal and Amazon Gift Cards.

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The BIGGEST thing to remember: You should NEVER have to pay to join a site to earn money. So without further ado here is the LARGEST list online!

See how I put these sites into play to earn an extra $210 a month to add to our budget!

I have cashed out for many free Amazon Gift Cards here as well.

I tend to do my web searching with Swagbucks and use Grab Points for their games and newly added radio to earn points.

App Down – Try out apps and get rewards like gift cards. App Karma – Download the app and get paid to try out all sorts of different apps, mostly games, and get paid to do so. You can be paid to your Bank account or to your Amazon Gift Card balance. Prize Rebel – This one is a lot like Swagbucks, and Gift Hulk, you earn the same way!

They also offer badges that give points for completing different things around the app. Opinion Outpost – Opinions Outpost is a survey company known for doing products tests such as Kotex Pads and razors.

One question I get asked more than I can count is “Where can I earn Amazon Gift Cards for free? Some I use more than others like I use Perk Daily but ones like Ibotta and Shopkick are only used while I shop.

Right now I am using the gift cards to help my budget out and I save them to get a free gift for birthdays and Christmas!

No one-by-one swiping without any navigation/search tools.

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