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Pastor Fred formed BFC under the conviction that it should be conducted under the church in order to be Biblically accountable. was previously associated with non-Christian motorcycle clubs in Massachusetts, Arizona & Alaska before coming to Christ in 1977. (International Christian Biker Association) for four years.

After his conversion, he laid down his bike for awhile as he entered Bible college, got married and started a family. Pastor Fred has also served as president of the California Chapter of Christ's Disciples & is a former senior pastor at a Calvary Chapel in Northern California.

Flames: These, above the wings symbolize the fire of God - the Holy Spirit's purging influence as He burns the chaff off, cleansing and changing the believer's life.

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Contact us – we're always interested in bringing in more solid Christian men and women into our membership ranks, who want to turn their world right-side up for Jesus !

Our motto is: "Some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bells, we want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell".Some of the ways in which BFC is unique are: We are an International, inter-denominational ministry. Each person is on their honor and commitment with God to walk straight as a minister of the Gospel and to lay their own back patch down if they backslide.We do not have lofty titles like: "president", "vice-president", "secretary", etc. We do not act as "church police" and we do not shoot our wounded. Promotion of BFC in the first years occurred by word of mouth and by way of Fred's many travels on his bike, along with other dedicated members, to plant chapters.A national administrator oversees the regional elders, handles finances and merchandise as well as application filing and review."Our goals for the future are to simply continue to spread the Gospel to who ever we meet, minister to those in need and provide spiritual help & services where we can.God opened the doors for Pastor Fred to pick up another scooter in 1979 which he used to start or help start at least four active motorcycle ministries. Being involved in Christian motorcycle clubs & ministries for many years, he decided to start a new outreach ministry simply called; "Bikers For Christ".

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