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When the three hopefuls finally met, Clement and Harper did their share of speaking in French, which tripped up their rival who promised to win first and learn later. Nonetheless, she scored more than one-third of the delegate points required to win the leadership compared to under 10 per cent for Clement — as Harper handily beat them both.

Still, this drama helped Belinda assert the stance that she was not a career politician but an experienced executive who knew how to be a leader. Stronach won the riding of Aurora—Newmarket in the June 2004 federal election that reduced the Liberals under Paul Martin to a minority, got into a relationship with Deputy Conservative Leader Peter Mac Kay a few months later, decided that Stephen Harper was too Stephen Harper-esque for her taste within a year and decided to be a Liberal just as an election would have been forced without her floor-crossing — after which Mac Kay was found acting jilted at his father’s farm.

She served on the board of her father’s automobile consortium, Magna International. Check back often as we will continue to update this page with new relationship details.

Sure, the internet was functional in 2004, but few figured out what to do with it beyond fulfilling the expectation to be online.

As a result, media attention turned to a few primitive pages posted by an apparent young woman who aspired to make it “a sanctuary for things special to me — art, poetry, sexuality, verse, notions, perceptions, thoughts.” No one would have cared if this “Belinda” did not reveal that an offer was made to buy the dot-com from her before the Stronach campaign settled on dot-ca instead.

No element of Stronach’s bid would have been possible without connections, of course, which Magna demonstrated in 2003 when the Ontario budget was delivered at its corporate headquarters instead of the traditional legislature — in what became the last gasp to date for Conservatives in command at Queen’s Park.

But being Frank’s daughter came with plenty of connections, which allowed her to tap into the powerful infrastructure that helped Mike Harris become premier, plus the alleged close friendship of a newly-retired President of the United States.

True-to-form, they got the facts right and missed the truth.

Subsequent news stories noted that she and the Conservative deputy leader were "on a break," which is code-speak among women for "I’m ditching you but I want you to go quietly and not make a scene." I’m guessing Stronach had figured out weeks ago what the rest of us already knew: she wasn’t just in the wrong clique, she was slumming.Belinda Stronach was previously married to Johann Koss (1999) and Donald Walker.Belinda Stronach has been in relationships with Tie Domi (2006), Bill Clinton (2005 – 2007), Peter Mackay (2004 – 2005) and Jerry Dupont (1996). We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.Given how digital politics were still a novelty, with little grasp of how its interaction could work, this showed how easily an irrelevant online blunder could become a newsworthy distraction.The first interview Stronach did for the campaign was on the Larry & Willy morning show on Vancouver radio station JACK-FM — the most popular such outlet in Canada at the time — which suggested she was eager to play along with populist political marketing tactics.Clinton turned out for Magna’s charity golf tournament in August 2001, and subsequently became an acquaintance of an unspecified nature. When opportunities arrived to actually debate the other Conservative leadership candidates on national television, Stronach stayed home, citing her wish to focus on events sponsored by the party.

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