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The second guy, Brian Lemmon, breaks in through a side window.

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However, Natalie is not on good terms with her family, being more or less a pariah.

Her decision to marry a "common" man like Mitch estranged her from her parents Bobby and Peggy Davenport; for years, Peggy refuses to display Natalie and Mitch's wedding photograph at her house on top of the piano where all the other photos are kept, and she considered Natalie's marriage "illegitimate" even though she and the rest of the family dote on Julie.

At the same time, Natalie helps Monk investigate a series of violent knifings occurring in the general vicinity of her neighborhood.

Natalie's past is filled with instances of youthful devilry, in a seeming deviation from her strict posh upbringing.

Monk Goes to a Wedding", after they prove that Theresa also tried running down Lieutenant Disher in the parking lot because Randy would have recognized her as Darlene Coolidge, a black widow bride who Randy investigated when he was a sergeant in Philadelphia.

Natalie subdues Theresa at the wedding, saving her brother's life. Before he died, Mitch gave Julie a pet fish named "Mr.

Over the course of her relationship with Monk, Natalie is shown to also pick up a few detective instincts of her own on the way. Monk in Outer Space, Stottlemeyer asks Natalie to try to figure out what happened at one crime scene, and she makes an accurate guess of what happened (without making much of an effort, mostly because this particular murder happened to be a straightforward shooting). Monk and the Dirty Cop, Natalie has picked up enough skills to start asking herself questions about the case at hand. Monk on the Couch, a subplot has Natalie attempting to figure out the identity of a man found dead in a seedy hotel room with a phony ID.

Monk and the police are not interested in pursuing the case, given that said man is determined to have died of natural causes.

Certain elements of her backstory are revealed in a number of different novels and episodes: Natalie has held several jobs, including bartending, which she quit to become Monk's assistant.

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