ryan buell dating - Ted turner dating marlo hampton

But the shocking thing was when she shared her words about her love it showed that she isn't severe towards her relationship.

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Standing tall at the height of 6 feet and 1 inch, Marlo is a fantastic designer with the model like figure who owns a boutique and is also Youtube star.

Well, owning a Boutique and being a youtube star she might have earned a healthy amount through it.

As per 2017-18, her net worth is estimated to be around $600K.

Speaking of love, Marlo Hampton said that she's been dating some lucky fellow Peter Thomas.

As told above she is not serious about her relationship, and she hasn't given any clue for media about Peter being her husband.

Nevertheless, in June 2011, daily mail mentioned that she was engaged to NFL player Charles Grant.

#rhoa pic.twitter.com/kmsp9M2v OI — Marlo Hampton (@iheart Marlo) April 16, 2018“I would definitely get rid of Kenya – she would be gone before she even came,” said Marlo.

“I don’t like that she feels she can connive people. You’re on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’; you just don’t go and get married…something that you’ve been talking about all your life since you’ve been on there.

In one in particular, Kenya tells Marlo that she met a rich Jewish man and sends her a picture.

According to Marlo while she dated a white billionaire, Kenya was actually the one seeking out wealthy white men. I date who I’m attracted to, white, black, brown, doesn’t matter.

I dated 1 white billionaire for 5 years, I was in a full blown relationship & that makes me a prostitute?

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