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If on the other hand you decide to live here, you had better be prepared to suffer quite a lot.It is amazing at times how (ultimately) easy it is for me to go with the flow; to cook a meal for 6 people without prior notice; to give friends money because they ask; to take in people because they expect it; to not notice a million things that would have upset me two years ago.You realize that this is a humongous country, with so many tourist...

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Are you still struggling to understand your Chinese partners when they speak Chinese?

Are you confident in your language potential and willing to deny English as...

Social labels in China are a very interesting social phenomenon – simply because there are so many of them!

Many of these labels have made their way into Chinese language textbooks. Whether you are visiting mainland China for the first or the umpteenth time, you will need the services of China travel agencies.

In short, we live and think and approach life from completely different perspectives; perspectives that we have ‘learned’ within our social environments.

The first priority in this article, is to bring to your attention, ways of thinking, acting and living that you might not find appropriate.

If you are a traveler and you haven’t visited China, then you are missing some astonishing picturesque destinations.

From Shanghai, Beijing, to historic Xi’an, and Wuhu, the Country has many hidden gems. Tsinghua University has been referred to as “possibly the best university in the world for mathematics and computing.” This is a title well earned as China continues to put more world-class universities on the...

Much of your ‘common/ordinary’ western conversation will be considered improper if spoken in front of women, children or old people.

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