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One year later Ed appeared as Randy Holt in the fantasy film S. In 2011 Westwick starred in the romantic comedy Chalet Girl directed by Phil Traill. Westwick played the role of Agent Smith, and Leonardo Di Caprio portrayed the title character, the director of the FBI.

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One year later, Ed played the role of Lawrence Carter in Garth Jennings’s film Son of Rambow, and also appeared in the popular TV series Californication, where David Duchovny performed a leading role.

Ed Westwick became famous in 2007 immediately after the release of the first episodes of the television series Gossip Girl.

So, in 2000 he appeared in two TV series Casualty and Doctors.

From 2005 to 2008, the young actor filmed in the British television series Afterlife, and in 2006 appeared in Alfonso Cuarón’s philosophical and fantasy film Children of Men.

In this project, Westwick worked together with Vanessa Hudgens, Rachael Harris, Bob Odenkirk, and others.

The same year, the television series Wicked City about two serial killers was released.

The young actor got the role of Chuck Bass, a son of wealthy parents, who was well versed with the latest fashion trends and led a dissipated life.

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, and Penn Badgley also performed the title roles in this series.

But the development of the acting career forced the man to give up music.

Nevertheless, later he dreamt of creating his band in New York City.

His father was a university lecturer and ran his business, and the mother worked as a psychologist.

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