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Above all, it was appropriate for their way of life - ideally matched to the constraints of nomadic life.

The modern notion of possessions is alien to traditional Aboriginal culture. The idea that an individual could 'own' land was foreign to Aboriginal thinking.

It seems there's a lot our modern world can learn from these people.

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When at rest, Aborigines lived in open camps, caves or simple structures made from bark, leaves or other vegetation.

Their technology was both simple and sophisticated.

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Clashes with colonists When Europeans first began to colonise Australia, towards the end of the 18th century AD, they found cultures and environments which, in hindsight, were of incalculable value.

Much of this ancient legacy has been destroyed forever in the subsequent two centuries.In traditional Aboriginal belief systems, nature and landscape are comparable in importance to the bible in Christian culture.Prominent rocks, canyons, rivers, waterfalls, islands, beaches and other natural features - as well as sun, moon, visible stars and animals - have their own stories of creation and inter-connectedness.Over two centuries, the continent was progressively stolen from Aboriginal people.Settlers moved in and appropriated the overwhelming majority of Australia - either for private use or in the name of the British Crown.Some of the evidence points to dates over 60,000 years old.

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