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It should be noted, however, that Brown was paired with the highly rated Judge Judy series and that when paired with a program of this caliber, any TV show has the potential to draw at least decent ratings.

As far as the personal life of Joe Brown is concerned, it is layered in history and public gossip.

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Who is mike judge dating

There have been rumors about his divorce and a few of them may be authentic because he left his first wife after the clashes between the pair.

There are several rumors related to the divorce of Brown.

While there are court shows that outnumber both Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy in seasons within the judicial arena, namely Divorce Court and The People's Court, they are also proggams with multiple lives and multiple "judges" in their histories.

The set of Judge Joe Brown was directly beside the set of Judge Judy within the same facility, Sunset Bronson Studios.

Rinder’s help proved to be a waste of money when their baseless case went down in flames in court.

But what really screams hypocrisy is that Remini is holding Rinder out as sanctimonious pontificator about good family relationships, estrangement and disconnection.

Nearly a decade ago, the Church expelled him for gross malfeasance and has had nothing to do with him since. Since then he can’t find a decent steady job, let alone one that had the stature he enjoyed with the Church. Unable to move on with his life and still seething that he was expelled, Rinder now spends day and night obsessively lurking on the fringe of the Internet trying to make a buck spreading hate toward his former faith and helping contingency fee lawyers trying to score a jackpot suing the Church. This is the same Rinder who is such a tainted source that he once admitted under oath to being paid 5 an hour by plaintiffs’ attorneys to assist them in filing frivolous and harassing lawsuits against the Church.

In one case, attorneys adverse to the Church paid Rinder more than ,000.

As far as ratings in the legal/courtroom genre go, Brown's program ranked in second place during its entire run, typically just above The People's Court and significantly below Judge Judy.

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