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Whoever and whatever you're looking for, if you're a single Tattoo Lover from the UK, then Tattoo Lover dating is here to help set you up, today!

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In a series of frank messages posted to her Snapchat account, the model revealed she has been living life without her parent's support.

Eager to steer clear of the "sob story" label she insisted she was turning the "judgemental" attitude on its head as her new "career goal." During the video which showed off her tiger-head tattoo and variety of chest inkings to full effect, she filmed her monologue and said: "My own mum disowned me purely because of the career that I have and the tattoos that I have quite a while ago.

62% of women are not a fazed by this, as they think it’s a good indicator of a man’s prowess in the bedroom.

Where a tattoo is on the body can determine attraction.

The classic ‘love’ and ‘hate’ knuckle tattoos don’t necessarily say that you are in touch with your soft side and tattoos of exes tends to be a bit off-putting.

57% of men are not happy to be constantly reminded of the man before them every time their look at their girlfriend.

Jemma, who recently split with Ex on the Beach co-star Stephen Bear, continued: "It aint a sob story because I love the way I look and tattoos and I'm fine, but I just want to help other people not go through the same thing.

Yet her images have been a target for cruel trolls, who have branded her everything from "a proper state" "not marriage material" as well as taking things further with slurs about her appearance.

35% of men think that a girl with a tattoo is indicative of how exciting she is.

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