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“In addition, it might even be partly explained by biological differences between the sexes.

From an evolutionary point of view, maybe women who were choosier about their sexual partners passed on a survival advantage to their offspring, whereas men might be programmed to maximise the chances of survival of their genes by applying slightly lower standards in what they look for in a partner.” The survey could make us more appreciative of the relaxed standards of Irish men.

In contrast, just three out of 10 Swedish men place importance on a woman’s clothes and grooming compared to six out of 10 Italian men.

Four out of 10 Austrian men would only date woman with a toned body and only eight out of 10 Italian men would expect a woman to be honest.

Tellingly, just eight out of 10 Italian women expect their men to be faithful.

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Agency called me and told, that if we will not give the payment today, they will cancel the bookings.

AS it has been too long for them to hold it, and they simply could not hold it anymore, as these are actually a very good flights and they could sell them more expensive.

The new website named better Date is launched with the slogan “Simply better dates” and is supposed to reach the broad public through an upcomming TV campaign.

The new portal addresses those singles willing to take care of their search themselves.

But we really need to do a lot today, darling, as today is the last day when we can arrange everything in the agency.

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