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Because of our massive glacier runoff and rainwater drainage, Alaskan rivers serve up more adventure than most anything you'd find in the Lower 48—from the Kenai Peninsula's Sixmile River to Denali's Nenana River.

Alaska rafting puts you right in the middle of nature, giving you up-close views of Alaska's its unique topography.

Dollar for dollar, rafting is one of Alaska's best values.

Glaciers have carved U-shaped valleys and channels that move swiftly through the landscape. Even a first-timer can experience advanced Alaska whitewater runs.

Because of the high level of professionalism and experience in Alaska's river guides, you needn't have gone rafting before to enjoy it.

These trips are some of the best ways to connect with nature in Alaska.

You're outdoors, away from motors and exhaust, working closely in concert with the water.

Float through the remote wilderness of Denali State Park with the company that has offered expertly guided rafting day trips for the past 16 years.

You’ll get breathtaking views of glacial moraines, boulder fields, granite canyons, and sparkling hematite beaches.

Floating down the river, you hear the rush of water approaching.

Suddenly you see them: the unmistakable caps of whitewater.

Go for a relaxing 3-hour float trip down gentle Willow Creek as you take in the gorgeous scenery of the Alaskan backcountry.

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