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It would be great, if the blur effect could be set via slider (like the vignette).

Listing 1 shows a simple XML file for demonstration: To test the above XML file for errors, simply open it with your browser.

He's tired, had enough, just didn't care anymore and literally jumped out in the middle of the street.

Regards Francesco Toscano Install Aware Software Support White Papers (How Tos) - ...

IO namespace and various other XML classes included in the System.

But you made a mistake: In my sample xml file: elem List[i].

I am specifying the correct Element Path "configuration\app Settings\" however I am unable to change the line.

We can always use the try-catch error handling approach in such scenarios, an example would be:- Hope this will help you to update even complex XML files with multiple nodes and complex Hierarchy.

If there are some XML nodes that you would like to update and the category is not included in this blog, please reply to this post and I will add it.

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