Dating rules going dutch

I glared at him and he just sneered and actually said "I can help you with anything else your missing! I asked him how his wife would respond to hearing about that and funnily enough he hopped on his bike and scarpered! That was the end of our friendship, but I still see him around town sometimes and in my dirtier moments imagine being made to go on a date with him. It's kind of a multiple choice, and is just a bit of naughty fun and not really a quiz at all. b) Yes, 'cos as a woman I am whatever men say I am and should behave as a slut 'cos that's what my young men see me as. (In real-life I got scared when I was driving along a highway at night and a guy pulled level with me and tried to show me his phone number by holding a placard against his window... c) My pierced pussy must be on show for my date(s) throughout the date. d) Like a totes lap-whore; cooing and flattering my dates, constantly touching them and responding to them with enthusiastic smiles and kisses whatever they do.

I'm pretty sure he resents me for turning down his gracious offer (LOL) and thinks I'm a bit of a snob, and probably a cock-tease too knowing how his mind works, so the idea of being made to date Pete knowing he'll probs want to take out his contempt and hatred on me by hate-fucking me, is something I have fantasized about. It's kind of designed to twang your sadistic chord a little... I'm a slut for you..." The quiz format just gets to the juicy bits a bit quicker, LOL! A submission isn't complete until you guys have voted and commented, right? I especially love those sexy, humiliating and shaming comments! III: If yes, are there principles to going on a date that I must remember? b) Yes, and if I fail to satisfy my date, I should be punished. but in fantasy-land one of my favourite fantasies is being raped.) j) My personal safety is irrelevant, my vulnerability is my best asset so I should use it. (I love the idea of my naughty bits being immediately available to a blind date, as though my pussy is for common groping like how most people shake hands.) d) Underwear is a totes no-no! ) e) My top must be a crop top and must sport a slogan across my boobs such as 'rape me', 'slut', 'whore', 'fuck-pig' or other slogans that encourage demeaning me as a sex object. (So, if they call me a 'fucking whore' I'll smile and kiss them, or if they shove their bottle up my pussy, I'll say thank you!

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The term stems from restaurant dining etiquette in the Western world where each person pays for their meal.

It is also called Dutch date, Dutch treat (the oldest form, a pejorative) and doing Dutch.

c) To wait until everyone leaves before assuming the right to clean up, cover up and go home.

d) To evaluate my own well-being and if I can take any more being used, to actively seek this out.

f) I must wear handcuffs and hand over the key as soon as we meet. Stuff like that so I am a good, obedient slutty mom!

(preferably by having put it up my puss and telling my date that's where it is so he can greet me by feeling my most intimate parts before we even speak). ) e) I should blind myself with solid contact lenses so that I am sitting cuffed and blinded and totes vulnerable to make any men around feel comfortable, welcome and safely anonymous in using me.

If anybody passing by took an interest in your ass I'd let them have it while you kept taking care of me and I'd make sure you thanked them for raping you while you weren't looking. yes i made an account just so I could comment on your surveys.

Anon could only do one comment and I wasn't really happy with my first one.1: c 2: b 3: b 4: k 5: g but don't forget your butt plug 6: mostly lap-whore.

During these public outings I may let strangers fuck you but I'd hardly call it a date.

Mostly you'd be servicing me but I'd have you stick your ass in the air while you suck my dick.

This is part 3 of my little survey, so you might want to do parts 1 and 2 first to catch up if you haven't already. This part is to see what rules there should be about me dating!

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