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John to protect the island from attacks or pirates.

The palace is an exceptional example of gothic architecture, with the combine of the statues and mosaics are from Hellenic and Roman period.

The sense of this experience is that you’re walking into a children’s fairytale book...

Degli Orsini in 1479 which had to serve 44 settlements but the full total was thought to be around 16.

Each settlement was instructed on evacuation procedures and assigned to the various castles.

The Hellenistic stoa with lateral projecting wings, dating from about 200 BC.

The stoa was 87 metres long and consisted of 42 columns. The Hellenistic staircase 2nd century BC leading to the main archaeological area of the acropolis.

Settlements at Gennadi, Kalathos and Lardos were assigned to Lindos castle.

Other castles were located at Apolakia, Lahania, Katavia, Apollona, Salakos, Fanes and Filerimos.

The village is located in South East area of the island and only 27 km from our hotel.

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