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Then he slides my underwear off, and starts to stroke my cock.Then I feel Bob's mouth lick the head of my cock, and I close my eyes in ecstasy.

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He said he was experienced, and asked me if I wanted to meet up with him sometime.

I hesitate to answer, my god somebody to meet up with and explore the possibilities of sucking my first cock, of being touched by another man, the thought just excited and scared me.

I can almost feel my load about to come out, but then he stops, and comes and kisses me again with such passion as he grinds his cock against mine, and I feel his hard ass, as we grind.

He whispers to me that he wanted me to suck his cock now, and so I lick down to his chest, sucking one nipple then the other, and I slowly start to lick down to his rigid cock.

I take his whole cock, which has to be almost 8 inches, in my mouth and I start to suck it up and down, like I had known how to suck cock all along, and I could feel Bob thrusting his hard cock in my mouth, fucking my mouth.

Then Bob pulls me up and kisses me on the mouth again and tells me we are going to 69.

Then I thought "hell you only live once", so I tell him yes we can meet, I suggest tonight.

I also suggest we do it at hotel, since I was too nervous about brining him to my place, and he agrees and picks a hotel, and he tells me to meet him there in about an hour. On the drive to the hotel, my mind is racing with thoughts, about actually being with another guy, feeling him, my cock stayed hard for the entire drive, then I pull up to the hotel parking lot, and start to look for room 223.

I return the kiss, and I feel his tongue searching for mine, and it seems like the kiss lasts for hours.

Then Bob removes my shirt, and he pinches my nipples as we continue to kiss.

Bob kisses down to my neck, then to my chest, then he goes and sucks my hard nipples, as I run my fingers thru his hair.

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