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You can enter a 7, or a 3, or even an entire string of text.

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If you as the programmer don't check for, or intercept garbage, it will accept anything.

The program might crash, but that is a consequence of GIGO. It accepts a single character from the user: Go ahead and copy this into your compiler; compile and run.

That is, if you feed bogus information to a computer program, don't be surprised when you get garbage returned to you.

As a programmer, you should continually strive to ensure that your programs only accept good information so that they can function properly.

New() Initialize Component() ' Set button2 to be non-validating. Causes Validation = False End Sub Private Function Valid Email Address(By Val email Address As String, By Ref error Message As String) As Boolean ' Confirm there is text in the control.

As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.This code shows how this all looks: What if you want to make sure that the user enters a number of valid length?Let's say you are asking for a 3-digit security code; not only do we need to check for an integer but an integer whose length is 3 digits.This is actually an infinite loop, but it's only broken if the user actually enters the right length of security code! Many times we need to ask for text or character data from the user.In that case, we'll need to use the string.h library, which is used to work with string and character data.It has 6 buckets because C likes to store a NULL value at the end of a string.

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