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So if you’ve been wonder whether your favorite celebrity has their own fashion or product line, you’ll be able to figure it out in just a bit.These brands are not just an inspiration for new entrepreneurs, they also give brand designers an idea on how to come up with top-notch and brands.

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LC started with a collection of apparel launched through 300 stores of Kohl’s and since then has grown into a fully fledged lifestyle brand that now features accessories, jewelry, and many other home goods.

Her stuff can be found at more than 1,500 stores nationwide.

Beyonce’ has already severed her ties with Topshop and now fully owns the Ivy Park brand.

Jesica Alba introduced The Honest Company in 2012 with a clear aim in mind of providing a source of toxin-free and ethical household personal good products for families. The Honest Company mostly focuses on baby products but also has a beauty care and home product lines.

If you’ve been wondering how these celebrities get their logos, check out 99 logos which has provided many of the logos for the celebrity brands in this list.

Ivy Park was founded by Beyonce’ as a joint venture with Topshop in 2016.

The company skyrocketed to success within minutes of its launch and has now expanded to include lip kits and a full range of beauty products.

Jenner is famous for using her connection with her fans on her social media pages to create custom products they love.

When it was initially launched, it propelled to popularity, so much that it was able to raise million in series B funding.

The brand recognizes customer’s dedication to products, Witherspoon joined hands with Draper James and other known brands to continue expanding her product lines.

When she first came up with the idea of her activewear line, she hoped that it would help push the boundaries of athletic wear and inspire and support women who realize that beauty is so much more than just a physical appearance.

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