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If the student is found to have committed the violation, penalties can range from a warning to suspension or expulsion.

Punishments are not standardized, the university said, but instead are based on individual judgment calls and reviewed by a committee.

This is not the first time the university has faced criticism for how the code is enforced.

After Brigham Young drew outrage for punishing sexual assault victims who were found to have violated the honor code, the school implemented a new “amnesty” policy in 2017, granting confidentiality to victims and ending the practice of punishments for related infractions, like drinking or entering a bedroom belonging to a member of the opposite sex.

According to the Honor Code Office, all credible violations of the code are investigated, a process that includes university staff members reviewing evidence and speaking with witnesses.

During the inquiry, an employee interviews the accused student, who is expected to respond to the allegation, preferably in writing.

Empowered by social media and galvanized by national conversations around privacy, integrity and the #Me Too movement, the activism fueling changes in the church represents a cultural shift among Latter-day Saints, said Patrick Mason, the chairman of Mormon studies at Claremont Graduate University.“This is a generation that feels that their voices matter, and they’re not always going to defer to authority,” said Mr. “They’re getting wins in the broader culture, and we’re seeing L. Draughon, 24, kept her concerns about the honor code quiet until she had left school, but now her Honor Code Stories account on Instagram has attracted more than 34,000 followers and generated nearly 200 tales of punishment meted out by the office charged with enforcing the code. That’s not the culture you need at a religious university.”Every student at Brigham Young must sign the school’s honor code to enroll in classes.

“Nobody talks about the Honor Code Office on campus because they’re terrified,” Ms. The morality contract prohibits — and punishes — violations that include immodest attire, premarital sexual activity, beards, and the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and coffee. But they also said the system ought to be more forgiving.

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More than 22,000 people have signed an online petition demanding that the code be updated, and Mormon supporters have rallied around the symbol “Y?

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