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Anytime we take on another's emotions, or feel their pain, it is sympathy. Writing an article for a Shaman right now on this very thing! I still seem to have an issue with empathy and actually believe that based on the definition here it does not, cannot exist. You don't have to have the actual experience of being left broken hearted at the church, but if you did experience to some extent how it feels like being disappointed by someone you really care about.

Empathy is more of a concern for another, but one does not "lean in" too close and pick up the other's emotions or pain. It is to me, impossible for anyone to ever know exactly how anyone is feeling. No matter how similar the experience there are too many other life variables that the other person cannot share. See, you CAN place yourself, vicariously, in another's shoes.

They are worth our time, our energy, our empathy, and love. Those who carry that sense of awareness (that what happens to another has direct and indirect influence on him) and responsibility (for the wellbeing of himself and those around him).

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However, sympathy, unlike empathy, does not involve a shared perspective or shared emotions, and while the facial expressions of sympathy do convey caring and concern, they do not convey shared distress.

Sympathy and empathy often lead to each other, but not always.

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Neel Burton is author of The Shamanic view is different.

It brings frustration and confusion when terms are being misused and/or overused.

To me, empathy is not merely caring; it's observing, feeling, understanding, and if applicable/possible, helping.

In the first two lines you have stated that you (1) "..a problem with empathy" and (2) "It is to me, impossible for anyone to ever know exactly how anyone is feeling." Before continuing, i'd like to revert back to the definition of empathy that was provided in the original article in an effort to minimize confusion, because that seems to be the more universally accepted definition and it appears that these are the definitions used in your response.

Consider this, what if some people who have difficulty with empathy may have trouble envisioning an advanced used of empathy such as being able to feel what someone else is feeling simply due to lack of practice as a result of that difficulty.

Needless to say my respect for her intelligence/education vanished. Even if we don't reach down into our essence our actions should be authentic especially when we are reaching out to other people in need of comfort. Why do we need to place ourselves in other people's shoes?

I need human contact like anyone else, I am not saying people be robots (as you know some people will suggest) but I would rather have authentic sympathy than preten empathy. Isn't just providing support, a shoulder, a listening ear or conversation enough? I think we force the concept of empathy because it allows people to feel closer to another when in reality they might not be, but my point is that is okay!

For me to share in someone else’s perspective, I must do more than merely put myself into his position.

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