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She has treaded on the same path with giants in the industry and she had always given a good account of herself.Toju, who has dressed almost all the top young celebrities in Nigeria including the sensational Tiwa Savage and Eku Elowor is planning to expand her business.

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So it's very, very important when you're looking at any of these studies to try to say, is this a correlation or is this causality?

If it's correlation, you cannot make the judgment that, hey, eating breakfast is necessarily going to make someone less obese.

So for example, maybe poverty causes you to skip breakfast for multiple reasons. And so when you have poverty maybe you're more likely to skip breakfast and maybe when there's poverty, and maybe you have two-- both your parents are working and the kids have to make their own dinner and whatever else-- maybe they also eat less healthy at all times of day and then that leads to obesity.

So once again in this situation, if this is the reality of things, just telling someone to also eat breakfast regardless of what that breakfast is, even if it's Fruit Loops or syrup, that's probably not going to help the situation.

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She intends to have "The Toju Foyeh Store" in almost all the key cities in the world.

This is a strategy to get her "Ready To Wear" line to her fans across the globe.

So once again, if you find someone that's obese, maybe the rule here isn't to force a breakfast down your throat.

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