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Information and History and Heritage of Seth Thomas The name Seth Thomas is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, and the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813.

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1936 - The name of Western Clock Division of General Time Corporation was changed to Westclox Division, the name that had been used for many years as a trademark on clock dials.

1938 - Westclox® and Seth Thomas® contributed to America's World-War II efforts by producing highly sophisticated items for the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

1915 - The production of pocket watches production was approximately 4 million timepieces. The dial is 50 feet in diameter with hands weighing nearly a ton each.

The clock is so large that at night it is visible from all of lower Manhattan Island in New York City.

1942 - The production of household clocks was suspended during this time by General Time Corporation to devote all of its manufacturing capabilities to the war effort.

During these years, Westclox Division was one of the nation's largest producers of fuses for the War Department and also manufactured arming mechanisms for the Sidewinder missiles.

1807 - Seth Thomas became an apprentice to Eli Terry. 1811 - Terry sold the business to Seth Thomas and partner Silas Hoadley.

1813 - Seth Thomas sold his interest to Hoadley and moved to Plymouth Hollow, CT.

It held the major market share in parking meter movements and range timers for a number of years.

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