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Outcomes The benefits of a records disposition program are: •Time Savings When inactive records are periodically removed from file cabinets and hard drives, searching for information in the remaining records takes less time.

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Records are not stored long after their useful life "just in case" or "because I might get in trouble if it isn't here." Knowing what records exist and what offices are responsible for maintaining those records makes access to information simpler, faster, and more reliable.

•Space Savings When inactive records are periodically removed from active work areas, less space and equipment are needed for storage.

Project participants included: Staff in these departments inventoried almost 1500 linear feet of paper documents (approximately 2.9 million pages) and 2.6 terabytes of digital documents.

They also advised project staff on how and for how long they use records to support operational and administrative activities.

How Schedules are Developed A pilot project to develop records disposition schedules began in November 2005 and was completed in November 2006.

The project was designed to determine the costs and benefits of records scheduling and develop a scalable process for a continuing program.

Identifies the length of time the official copy should be kept (its retention period) and the method by which it should be destroyed after its retention period has expired.

When subgroups of records have different retention periods, this section is repeated.

Retention periods are the same whether records are kept in digital, paper, or both, forms.

Schedules should be used by all University departments and offices and by administrative and academic staff, administrators, and faculty.

•Cost Reductions Containing the growth of records reduces the cost of labor to manage records and the cost of servers and file cabinets to store records.

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