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She is struggling to make amends with her mother, Mingnon, a recovering crack cocaine addict, who has recently come back in her life.

At the first season's reunion special, Scrappy proposes to Erica onstage and she accepts.

In season four, she takes Scrappy to court over child support. I’m not that person." Two years later, Erica returned as a supporting cast member in season seven, having made peace with Momma Dee and holding no grudges regarding Scrappy's and Bambi Benson's recent marriage and pregnancy.

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Erica dixon dating

Erica grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with her eight siblings who were raised by her uncle and aunt.

As her mother had trouble with substance abuse, the 34-year-old reality star didn’t experience a decent childhood until she was placed in foster care in Hempstead at a young age of six.

The couple end their engagement early into season two, after Erica and her mother get into a physical altercation with Momma Dee.

She begins dating model O'Shea Russell in season three, however they have a dramatic break up onscreen over a financial dispute.

American reality television star, Erica Dixon grasped a tough role at a young age, but her daughter had her going on through every thorn that grew on her path.

Erica Dixon is best known for her appearance in the reality television,that follows the lives of people in Atlanta involved with hip-hop music.

Here are some captivating wikis on Erica’s age, height, ethnicity, net worth, family and her romantic life with a former boyfriend.

Born on 12 October 1983, Erica Dixon, coming from an African-American ethnicity, didn’t have quite a good childhood.

While he is one of the only males Erica’s been seen with recently, I need valid receipts to believe this one.

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