Symantec clients not updating definitions who is timati dating

We did some checking on custom client policies and they had policies that where deployed to these servers with the software updates selection not checked.

The client has changed that customer client policies for their servers and now the servers are all getting definitions.

symantec clients not updating definitions-29

Error 0x8024402c happens when the Windows update client can’t connect and download the proper definitions. Our client decided to change their Config Mgr Antimalware settings to disable the user from manually updating the definitions.

In this clients case, they have a policy set that doesn’t allow the Windows Update clients to go to Microsoft Updates. Which brings us to the third issue we had to resolve.

To resolve this issue manually change this setting.

The second error started to happen just after the above error was resolved.

Is it true that the Symantec Scan Engine needs the -x86 update?

If the Symantec Scan Engine can use the i32 update, (I can look into 16-bit application issue later ) than what I need to do is fix why the Scan Engine is not updating it's definitions.

After a little research and thanks to the Forefront Endpoint Protection Blog I had found that both of these errors had the same core cause.

I won’t get deep technically here so if you want deep technical details about the errors.

Updating the antimalware definitions in FEP/SCEP fails with error 0x80248014.

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